Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween out....Thanksgiving in!

Well, it seems Halloween sort of crept up on us! It's hard to get excited about it when trick or treating is sort of out of the question and we don't have any little ones to vicariously live through. So, Nick and I decided to to to a haunted something or other and try some good old fashion adult fun! We choose this haunted house down in Hanover, MD by the Arundel Mills Mall. It was pretty fun - it met all the standards for a haunted house: dark, people jumping out at your with fake blood, coffins, hanging heads, etc. I jumped and screamed so I was pretty satisfied.
But now, my thoughts are focused on Thanksgiving! I LOVE thanksgiving. I love watching the parade, I love the food, I love being with my family and I love when all the boys get up and play in the turkey bowl and spend the rest of the day talking about it! It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it! My mother in law found this really great craft called the gratitude journal. So on top of making our christmas cards this year, I have been fashioning a gratitude journal. So you are supposed to take it with you wherever you go for Thanksgiving and have all who are there write in it what they are grateful for. It is a really beautiful idea and something wonderful to look back on! Can't wait to crack it open this year. You hear that family, start thinking of some really moving things to write in there for posterities sake!!


Starley Family said...

What a great idea for Thanksgiving! I love it!

Scrap Happy said...

THe lesson yesterday in RS was all about gratitude, and the teacher talked about how she had been writing in a gratitude journal and has been feeling so much more positive about everything... great idea. Was it Pres. Eyering who talked about "seeing the hand of the Lord in your life tday..." ??

Shuldberg said...

Yay for Thanksgiving! Seems like it is so over shadowed by Christmas any more! As soon as Halloween was over it was the start of the "Christmas Frenzy" sad. :(