Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Michele!!!

Today is Nick's sister, Michele's 18th birthday!! This seems incredible to me because when I first met Nick's family, she was 12 and I was her Beehive advisor!! It is crazy how time flies - literally! So I wanted to dedicate this post to Michele. These are the ten things we love about her:
1. She is so funny - family gatherings are always fun when she is around. You can always count on her for a laugh!
2. She is so kind - Michele is the first person to greet you, say I love you and give you a big hug when you need one.
3. She is quirky - this may not seem like a compliment, but it is! I love her quirkiness - we all have her quirks but hers just happen to be adorable and make her so great to be around!
4. She is a great piano player - among her many talents and busy life, she finds time to squeeze in piano lessons and is getting really, really good.
5. She is not afraid to be a dork in public. Now, this is coming from one of the biggest dorks so I enjoy being around someone who can also be a self-proclaimed dork!
6. She loves her family - When I married in to this famliy she took every opportunity to make sure I knew how much she loved me and was glad that I was in their family. She expresses these same sentiments to everyone in the Long Clan.
7. She loves horses - she has spent HOURS a day taking lessons and spending time on the farm becoming a great rider. She now shows her horse and is doing really well. We're really proud of her.
8. She's a good person - this might seem simple but she really is. She is one of those really good people that just does what is right and just good. Very hard to come by these days!
9. She's a planner - in a world where kids just "go with the flow", she is making plans! Very refreshing.
10. She's beautiful - inside and out. I have been able to watch her grow up and she's one of my favorite people!


Nate and Lori said...

I'm now reminded that I still haven't called her. Sorry Michelle! I really do want to talk to you. Hope your b-day is good and I promise to call you this weekend!

Starley Family said...

Happy Birthday Michele! If you didn't know it by now you definately have the best sister-in-law ever!

Scrap Happy said...

I think Michelle could pass for Lindsey Lohan's little sister. I mean that in a good way. : )