Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cranium anyone!

Last night we went over to the Crowther's for a little hangout. Melissa and I decdied that we watch far too much football when we all get together and we needed to take matters into our own hands. We decided to play a little boys vs. girls Cranium. Anyone that knows Nick and I knows that Cranium is a huge part of my families get togethers. We play it EVERYTIME we get together and it gets a little out of control. Aaron and Melissa are just as competitive so we thought it best to stick with our own kind. Melissa and I came back from being behind and we near victory when the boys got two very easy sports questions in a row. This put us at a tie game. We played eight rounds of tie breakers before, sadly, we were defeated! I can admit defeat but there will be a rematch! It was a really fun night - Aaron even made cookies! Thanks Crowthers!


Melanie Whiting said...

We play this game all the time with family and friends, and I am EXTREMELY competitive as you know the Tenney's are!! I would love to play with you sometime, next time you guys are in Utah!! We are starting to know all the answers to the cards we have played that much!

Scrap Happy said...

Sniff Sniff ... I miss you.

Game on for March, baby... we're coming out.