Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've been tagged........again!

Okay, Shellie - like you don't already know all the weird things about me! I am supposed to list 7 random and/or weird things about myself and pass it along!
1 - As I am driving, I like to add up the numbers on the their license plates. If the total does not end in a five or zero, I can't look at it any more. It really bothers me and I have to ignore that the car exists - I am a freak!
2 - If I am at a resturant and I get something in my teeth, I pull out a piece of my hair and use it as floss. Am I sharing too much?!?! :-)
3 - I am a little obsessive/compulsive about our laundry. Everything has to be folded a certain way. For instance, the towels have to be folded in half and then they have to be tri-folded from there so that they fit all snug in our cabinet. My closet is organized first by category (dresses, blouses, sweaters, etc) then by color. All our socks have to have matches. If two laundry cycles go by and I haven't found the match, I toss the lonely loser! 4 - Now for random, I am allergic to olives. I found out I was allergic while in college. I got a pizza pocket from the cafeteria that had olives diced up in the sauce. My throat closed up and I had to go to the hospital.
5 - My name is Amanda Long and I am addicted to.................Coke Zero. I love the stuff - can't get enough of it! I have tried to stop drinking it so often since I heard that diet sodas are bad for you. Anyway, it's so delightful and refreshing and I just have to have it!
6. I had a kidney transplant at 24 years old. I know everyone knows this already but I am not as weird as I thought I was, I am running out of material :-) Maybe what some of you don't know is that because of this, I have three kidneys now. They don't take out your bad ones, they just add an additional. My mom was my donor and we are both doing great! Everyone should be an organ donor. It really does save lives, I am proof!
7. I used to write John Bytheway love letters. He is just this spindly religious/funny/motivational speaker that I grew up listening too. Anway, I would write him letters all the time and spray my perfume on it!
Well, that's that! I don't know who to tag - I think everyone I know has probably been tagged a lot so anyone who wants to take part, feel free! It's great to reflect on your oddities!!!


Matt & April Herman said...

You are a wierdo! I guess i pretty much knew all that stuff though, except for the liscence plate thing. Is that new? You should have put that you eat paper on there:) miss you, and all your oddities:)

Natalie said...

I think you're one of the funniest people I know.

Stacey said...

I think it's great you're willing to share those. I can't wait to see if your laundry process stays that way after you have three kids. I'm just thankful if clothes get shoved in the drawer. I have to look the other way when the kids help me fold the towels. I slightly recollect the whole olive story. You forgot to mention funquisha! I have pictures I could post for you.

Becky said...

John Bytheway is quite a catch!
I just have to say that I love reading your blog. I laugh every time.

Shuldberg said...

hahaha April! I was going to add the same thing!! You forgot to mention that you eat paper Amanda!!!! I'm sure there are many more, I just can't remember any right now. Living with you was quite an experience..... :)

Fisher Family said...

Amanda..hope you don't mind I put your blog link on mine. That is so interesting you have 3 kidneys...I was born w/ 1. You have such a great Mom!

Jared and Heather said...

Wow Amanda! Just wow! I love your unique facts! Too funny!!!!