Friday, March 14, 2008

A little plug for my mama!!

For those of you who don't know, my mom is an auther - a really great writer who is published through Covenant Communicaitons. She is passionate about three things: 1) her family, 2) the gospel, and 3)the history of this country and how it ties in with the gospel, specifically the restoration. I am SO proud of her and really wanted to give her a little plug because this May, book 2 of her series FREE MEN AND DREAMERS comes out! It's so neat to see the whole writing process and if you had, you would understand why I am so excited for her! IT TAKES FOREVER to get a book on the shelf. So much time writing, rewriting, cutting, editing, blah, blah - it just goes on and on so to now have a date for the release of book two is very exciting and worth my time and blog space! If you love the history of this country or are interested in it, then you will LOVE the FREE MEN AND DREAMERS series. If you love fiction novels about love and family, she has that too. Below are all three of her books with a little synopsis of each! Feel free to go to her website as well - it is linked over at the side! Unspoken
In the midst of war, Natalie and Ben Johanson met, fell in love, and married quickly. Theirs was a marriage filled with passion and dreams of a large, happy family. But in a desperate attempt to make all their dreams come true, Natalie withholds a secret that nearly takes her life—leaving her entire family struggling to find trust and love again. Now, after years of emotional distance, Natalie and Ben find renewed hope as they attempt to rebuild their crippled marriage and rekindle their relationship with their daughter Martha, her son, and her new Mormon husband. But will the couple be able to withstand the coming events that will shake the Johanson’s world and force the past into the present?
An unforgettable story of love, loss, and second chances, Unspoken is a celebration of life that will make you want to hold your loved ones just a little closer.
Free Men and Dreamers:Dark Sky at Dawn
by L. C. Lewis It is a dangerous time for America. The years following the signing of the Constitution have been riddled with British aggressions aimed at breaking the will of the young government. Trade restrictions tear at its economy while British ships attack and kidnap Americans at sea, refusing to acknowledge their American citizenship.
Washington, Franklin, and Hamilton have died. Their inspired dream is now entrusted to their aged and war-weary peers and to the succeeding generations—men and women, born in liberty, who are prepared to sacrifice their lives in its defense.
But the divisive evils of greed, slavery, and class distinction cast a dark cloud over the promise “We the People,” even as war talk rattles the governing halls. America declares a war to reconfirm her independence . . . a war to protect her “more perfect union”: The War of 1812.
Some believe a more divine purpose awaits the Union in the wake of this war. Such seekers are Jed Pearson, the sensitive heir to both a large plantation and a mysteriously tainted family heritage, and Hannah Stansbury, the visionary woman whose family holds the key to the Pearson riddle.Treacherous forces on both shores seek to manipulate the war’s outcome for their own purposes, ensnaring Jed and Hannah in dangerous intrigue during this pivotal moment in time when the ultimate definition of liberty is about to come to light.
Dark Sky At Dawn, the stirring first volume in the epic Free Men and Dreamers series, tells of the fascinating people, events, history, and spiritual reawakening that precede the compelling moment in time before the guns blazed and the light of the Restoration dawned on a new day.

The second book in the Free Men and Dreamers Series plunges the reader into a delicate examination of these defining moments in America's second War of Independence, the War of 1812, that set the stage for the prophetic events that will forever alter American and religious history.

Thanks for reading my long post - I guess it's pretty obvious how much I love and admire my mom! Please check out her website and her new book "Twilight's Last Gleaming".


Stacey said...

I read your mom's first book and it was really good! The other two sound real interesting. I look forward to reading them if I ever find any spare time (ha, ha). Please pass on my congratulations and applause.

Danielle said...

Your Mom has a lot of fans - my Mother got all of us autographed copies for Christmas and that is a treasure for me. She has and is one of the most talented people know! And your little blog is so entertaining! Love, Dani

Fisher Family said...

I also loved Unspoken. I'm looking forward to reading the other two. Could your sweet Mom be any more talented?! Kudos to her.

Starley Family said...

I am so excited for her the sequel to come out!!! I thought it was coming for Valentines and was so sad to wait for a couple months will just be all the more delicious!!!