Monday, September 22, 2008

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

Yesterday was Nick's birthday so we decided to celebrate all weekend! First we went and saw these:
Later, we ate dinner here:
Then we went and saw this, again:
Saturday was full of Nick's favorite things. I love celebrating people's birthdays. I love making them feel really special so I loved our whole day because I knew he was having such a good time. First off, anyone who knows Nick, knows that he loves Texas. He lived for several years and just loves all things Texas - one being their football team! In honor of that, we stopped by the Frederick fair and saw real live Texas Longhorns in person. It was unbelievable to see - they are really amazing animals. We both really enjoyed seeing them and their enormous horns. The grand champion winner had horns that were 9ft in length - can you imagine lugging all that weight around on your head?!?!
Later that night we went to Sakura's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner. This is Nick's all time favorite place to eat so we go every year on his birthday. It is hibachi stye where they cook in front of you. Nick gets to eat sushi and scallops - he's in heaven! It's the best fried rice you will EVER have!! After dinner we went and saw The Dark Knight again. It actually enjoyed in a lot better the second time. The joker really is a fascinating character, creepy, but fascinating!
Yesterday, on his actual birthday, we went to my mom's for dinner & presents! My parents got him a great gag gift - a daddy diaper changing kit! Here are some pics!
It was so creative and we all had a good laugh!! It's easy to celebrate someone you love and appreciate so much! What can I say, I love his guts! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Nick said...

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Scrap Happy said...

Uh, that was me. I love the diaper changing paraphenalia!

Bloom Family said...

what a fun gag gift! Happy birthday Nick!

LC Lewis's "Hear Ye, Hear Ye" said...

I added a fitting tribute to Nick on the Lewis Family website! Gotta love a guy that looks that great in goggles and gloves!


Natalie said...

Happy birthday, Nick! I think Ryan would appreciate one of those diaper changing kits - he really hates the smell, but he's a good sport.

Aaron and Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Nick! We miss you guys. Talk to ya soon.

Matt & April Herman said...

Happy Birthday Nick! I totally hate that you are younger then me:) I am loving the diaper changing bag. That is awesome. Can't wait to se you guys:)

Starley Family said...

I love the daddy diaper changing gift! Your parents are a riot! Happy Birthday Nick! Nate and I love Japanese Hibachi too! If you ever come to town we'll definately have to hit up Kobe (it's not part of the chain-they just use the name so it can't come into Utah).