Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CD Review

I have expressed before how much Nick and I like David Archuleta. We are true fans. We sat in a sea of screaming 12 year old girls to hear him live - now, that is dedication! The day after his CD came out, we went out and bought it. I would like give you my personal review here! The CD is GREAT overall. There are a couple songs on there that are a little weird but 98% of the CD is wonderful, catchy and totally showcases his fabulous voice! My favorite tracks are:
Track 1 - Crush
Track 4 - My Hands
Track 5 - A Little Not Over You
Track 7 - Running
Track 8 - Desperate *FAVORITE
Track 9 - To Be With You
Track 10 - Don't Let Go
Track 12 - Angels
Bonus Track 13 - Works for Me
He is getting mixed reviews - not based on his voice, but his innocence. One reporter for Rolling Stone posed the question, "Is he 17 or 12?" based on his innocent lyrics. It's sickening that a CD that isn't filled with sexual promiscuity and vulgarity would be judged as boring. Sick world. I am so glad that David A. is sticking to his moral guns and making a CD that he can be proud of! You will always have fans in the Long's!


Scrap Happy said...

Of COURSE you went and bought the CD. Has David Cook's come out yet? SOme fan I am...

Nate and Lori said...

I love that boy! I'm going to have to go buy the CD now. Thanks for the review.

Starley Family said...

That's awesome! Umm...thanks for the free tunes. Katelyn and I danced for ever last night to your blog tunes...hee hee. Some was on my feet slow dancing. Some was wildly throwing dips and jives, but the best was clair de lune and cuddly dancing...

James and Amy said...

We enjoy listening to David too! Good to know you like the CD. We'll have to see about making the purchase as well. :)

Aaron and Melissa said...

I will have to listen to the songs sometime. I am happy to hear that he wasn't talked into any songs that weren't like the world. Thanks for the review! I love him too.