Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playing Catch Up

As I mentioned before, my brothers came out for Brady's blessing. My oldest brother is married and has three of the cutest kids in the world, aside from Brady that is!!! Two days before they were supposed to leave for Maryland, his wife, Krista called and said that the two little ones, Keira and Christian, had gotten RSV. Because RSV is so contagious and that is the exact thing we had worked so hard protecting Brady from, we decided it would be best if they didn't come. That was a really hard decision to make because I love Krista like my own sister and I wanted her to come so badly. I wanted Brady to meet his only Aunt on my side!! She, being the great person she is, gave my brother the go ahead to come even though that left her home alone with two sickies all alone. So Tom came with his oldest son Tommy and this is the first time since Keira was born that I have had one on one time with him. I may be biased but I think he is the sweetest kid I have ever met. He always says thank you and your welcome and has about a million compliments to dish out! He loved Brady and it really warmed my heart to see them together. Here are a couple of pictures of them together:
Tommy and Brady meeting for the first time!
Just sharing a laugh!
Brady admiring his big cousin!!
After the blessing, Tom left to go be with his wife and sick kids and Tommy got to stay for an extra day and a half. Because he was such a nice boy, he got to have TOMMY DAY on Monday and he invited Nick, Brady and myself to join in the festivities. All Tommy had on the agenda was that he wanted to go to CHUCK E' CHEESE!! So we braved the 8 inches of snow and headed out for a fun night together. This was Brady's first Chuck E' Cheese experience and we let him dive right in on the fun. He was a sure shot at the basketball toss!!
He even rode the horses!
And where do you think he learned how to ride? His big cousin, of course!! It was such a fun night! We all ran around like crazy trying to get Tommy as many tickets as possible so that he could get the best prize in the house! Nick and my Dad hit the jackpot with this battleship game.
And, a big thank you to Grandma for watching Brady so that I could play games!!!


losing my needles said...

I love in the photo shoot of the two boys that it appears as if Tommy is wearing the same shirt, yet Brady has on 3 different outfits.

Matt & April Herman said...

Fun! I am glad you got to get out and have a blast with your family! Sorry to Krista. It is so hard having sick kids:( Mr. Brady is looking more and more adorable everyday! I want to kiss him:)