Thursday, April 2, 2009

Streets of Philadelphia

Last weekend Nick and I went to Philadelphia on a whim. We LOVE Philadelphia. It has always been one of our favorite places to go so we decided that we would head up there for an overnighter. Nick found us this great hotel called Sofitel, a french hotel chain, that was absolutely fabulous. We got a great deal on the room on and were nervous at first because we had never heard of it before but it was gorgeous and the people who worked there were actually french! This is how the drive up started: Brady only likes the car when he is really tired and about to doze off - other than that, he is too active to be strapped in like that. As soon as we saw little arms furiously shaking, we were sure the drive would be horrible. He ended up falling asleep about ten minutes later and the rest of the drive was peaceful. Peaceful and LONG!! There was some roadwork and a two hour drive turned into a five hour drive. We didn't get to our hotel until about 8pm. We got up to our room and we just thought it was so beautiful and the bed was so comfortable - even Brady loved it! By then, we were all starving including Brady so we fed him and then decided to go to the hotel restaurant that had french food - surprise surprise. The menu had lots of food we didn't recognize. We were going to be daring until we saw filet mignon on the menu and we decided to splurge. The filet was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten in my life. It was so tender you could honestly cut it with a spoon! It was served on a rudabega puree which was really really delicious as well! After dinner we headed back to the room so Nick could watch the UNC game of course! Brady and I fell asleep in seconds! The next day we decided to hit up all the best cheesesteak places around town. Nick managed to eat a whole sandwhich from all three places - better to compare that way!! For those of you wanting to go to Philly and want a good recomendation for a famous cheesesteaks, you can't lose with either one of these. First we went to Pat's. This one is my favorite. Literally, right across the street is Geno's. Nick was feeling very full at this point so we decided to stroll down South Street and look at the pier. South street is a cool place - lots of shops and people around. At the end of it is the pier, or Penn's Landing, where the ships used to come in. There is a musuem there and other cool sites. You know what else is on South Street? Jim's Famous Cheesesteaks. This is where Nick consumed his third and final cheesesteak and wrapped up the Philly Cheesesteak tour! So if you ever go to Philly - you definitely want to stop at one of these places for an authentic cheesesteak! Anyway, we had a great little trip and it was great to know we could still do spontaneous trips like this with an infant.


Parkinson Family said...

Beautiful hotel! I'm so glad Brady was good for that looong drive! Looks like it was a fun family adventure.

Becky said...

Thanks for the info! We are taking my family to Philly next month so this was very helpful. 3 cheesesteaks?! Impressive.