Thursday, June 18, 2009

Though I haven't rolled, I turned 5 months old!

It's true- baby Brady turned 5 months old on Monday. This is, by far, my favorite age. He's so fun and able. I love to watch him discover new things. I love to put socks on his feet just to watch him pull them off. I am really enjoying how he can pretty much keep himself entertained with his own hands and feet. This frees me up for showers, blogging, lunch, etc. All kidding aside, he is such a happy boy and really such a joy. He greets me with a big smile every morning with his arms shaking so vigorously I am afraid he might poke an eye out. He smiles and laughs at about anything I do which is really making me feel good about myself!!! He loves to give slobbery, slimy kisses all day everyday which are so worth it! Besides a little sleeping set back - I really can't complain. He's the best. Here's a few pics!
There have been some sad moments - he's teething
His favorite toy!!!
Isn't he the sweetest?!!? In the words of Paula Abdul, "I just want to hug you, squeeze you, rip your head off and dangle it from my rearview mirror!" :-)


Benilynn said...

Brady is so so so so CUTE!!! I loved this post! I cant wait to see him in person, soon. I really was fun for me to see all these cute pictures! Thanks for posting them.

Brian said...

Wow...quoting Paula Abdul...uhhh...:-p

Love the pics Amanda...he's a gonna be a heartbreaker!

Matt & April Herman said...

Yay! 5 Months! He is so darn cute! I can't believe how big he is already. Give him kisses from his Auntie April:) Miss you guys!