Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brady's First Haircut

So, I finally decided it was time to cut those lovely locks.
Brady wasn't so sure it was a good idea. "Without my hair, I'm nothing!"
He wasn't so sure what to think about his stylist. Step 1: Get cape on Check! Step 2: Wet the boy down Check!
Step 3: Make your first heartbreaking cut Check! Surprisingly, still no tears! Step 4: Clean up around ear - EEK. This is where we start to lose him a little! Enter the Lollipop!!! You need to do the other ear - NO PROBLEM! Just give me that lollipop! "Are we done yet?" Those big stains on the cape that look like water are actually Brady's lollipop drool so I took it away! Now he just looks annoyed.
All done! Say Cheese!


losing my needles said...

Holy Cow! He's so big. OK, so when your family leaves, we have to get together! Maybe the second week in Dec or something. Cute hair cut! It turned out well, which is always nice since it's such a nervous situation.

Clark and Liesel said...

LOVE his new little do! He looks so cute! I am glad it went so well! I like the idea of giving him a lollipop! I will have to remember that one!

Jean Bean said...

So so stinkin cute!!! You are a wonderful mother, yes yes, you are.