Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Wallop 2010

Oh what fun it has been to be snowed in together - honestly, it's been great! Nick and I have played games and played with our little boy! I have loved every minute. Here are some pics to commemorate the amazing event we now lovingly refer to as Winter Wallop 2010!
Nick trying to dig us out - literally!
Still digging!
There's the cars! That's a lot of snow!
Brady's first time playing in the snow - he loved it!
He wanted a little taste - so cute!
Bailey wanted in on the action!
Trying desperately to get away from me - he knew I was trying to get him inside!
Pivot and turn....
..and he's off! Daddy & Brady - pretty cute! That's my dad in the background with the snowblower. He is the snow ranger, here to save the day!


Jared and Patricia said...

I love this picture of Nick and Brady...precious! What fun memories. You guys seem like you're always having fun :) Thank you so much for posting; Jared and I love seeing what's up with you guys. As always, much love...

Matt & April Herman said...

So fun! I love when there is a ton of snow! Brady is adorable in his yellow Nike hoodie:) MIss you guys!

Laurie LC Lewis said...

Your snow looks exactly like my snow! Go figure! Love the photos! How come I don't have that cute one of Brady at the top of the post? :~(