Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet sweet mercy...

I wanted to be sure to record some thoughts and feelings that I missed due to all the hub bub of Avery's birth. That day was such a special day for our family, not just because we were meeting our newest member, but because it was the 5 year anniversary of my transplant. My mom and I usually celebrate in some way, give each a card or go to lunch but this year we had a much sweeter celebration. Ever since my mom donated the kidney, people always marveled at the love she must have for me to do that. I never thought about it, really, until I was holding my four hour old daughter and thought to myself, "there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you, my sweet." Being a mother requires so much of yourself and I didn't really understand how my mom did this wonderful thing for me until I was one myself. It does not diminish my gratitude for her and her willingness to do through that for me! Five years is a major milestone for a transplant patient and I really feel blessed and humbled by my Heavenly Fathers mercy. He has really answered every prayer and, literally, made all my dreams come true! Here's to five more!!!
July 29, 2005
July 29, 2010
What a difference 5 years can make!!!


Clark and Liesel said...

Oh Amanda! That was so sweet. What a wonderful present to have your own baby girl to hold on your 5 year anniversary! I love how cute you have her dressed up! Hope things are going well for you guys! I miss you.

Kayla said...

Amazing! I am blinking back the tears. I am so happy you get to be right where you are, having babies and being a mom. Congratulations!