Saturday, November 20, 2010


I can't believe I forgot to write about Avery's blessing day! Pretty anti-climatic now that she's almost four months old! It was a really great day but very stressful leading up to it! Stupidly I waited until the Friday before to shop for a blessing dress. I really didn't think it would be hard to find. My mom set out with me around noon on Friday morning and we didn't get home until 6:00pm that night. It was a nightmare. She was so tiny and I couldn't find anything that would fit her. I ended up settling for a dress that I didn't love but that fit her. Ah well! We decided to have an open house after the blessing back at my parents so I was busy the Saturday before making food for the luncheon. But when Sunday came it was wonderful. Some of our family members came and lots of friends were there. Nick always takes the kids for a bit alone before the blessing so he can look at them and pray for inspiration. I think it is really sweet! The blessing was beautiful and, once again, I was so proud to be married to Nick. He's so wonderful and is such a good dad. After the blessing lots of friends and family gathered at my parents for a luncheon. It is always special to celebrate a new little baby. Brady was a little jealous at the luncheon and was kind of acting out a little bit but he has since pretty much fallen in love with Avery! We pretty much adore our two little ones. They have made our house a home and I am so grateful each morning that these two kids are mine forever! Look at those spindly arms! I think we're getting the stink eye! The Spread Aunt Michele and Avery

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Matt & April Herman said...

Oh she is so beautiful! I like her dress,it is very pretty:)