Saturday, October 29, 2011

15 Months

It really is hard to believe that Avery could possibly be 15 months old today!  How did this happen?  When did this happen?  Sometimes I feel like I am in the movie "While You Were Sleeping".  I keep waking up and chunks of time have passed and my kids are speedily growing up!  Well, little Miss Avery is surely growing up and becoming a little independent diva!  She has attitude and sass, and those happen to be the two things I love the most about her and also struggle with the most.  She is fiercely aware of what she wants at all times and she is not at all afraid to let you know what that is.  She is stubborn and sweet, funny and coy, and an all around spitfire.  She brings our house to life and I just wouldn't want to live life without her!  At fifteen months, she is everywhere and doing everything!  Here are things I NEVER want to forget about our little Sassafras!
  •  She never sits long enough to eat a meal.  She basically grazes all day!
  • When she doesn't have a specific destination, she will just squat in place - she NEVER wants to sits!
  • She loves to get her hair brushed.  For some reason I really love this.
  • She LOVES her taggie blankets - she has two and we have to have one with us at all times!!
  • She adores Brady.  When he is napping or gone for some reason, she walks around the house yelling "BRAY-EE"
  • She can't say all the words yet, but when you sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" she sings the whole time with you.  Love it!
  • She walks around all day with little toys in her hand.  She's not necessarily playing with them, she just wants to have them in her hand.
  • She loves playing with cars & trains.  I think this is because it's all Brady will play with her right now so she really loves cars & trains.
  • She's still a tiny, little thing.  She wears mostly 6-9 month clothes but starting to gradually fit into some 12 month tops.  She wears size three diapers.  
  • She has serious separation anxiety right now - this is not my favorite thing about her but I know I miss your being my shadow one day so I wanted to document it!
  • loves to She is always with me.....literally, always beside me, on me, next to me, right at my feet!  
  • When I am doing the dishes she  tries to climb in and help.
  • She calls me Mama - I love this - I don't know why, I just do!
  • Her favorite word is no which is kind of cute sometimes.  
I am sure there is more but it's all I can think of right now!  She's just the best.  She is dramatic, sassy, and sweet all at the same time and I just love her to death.  She makes my day!

I still can't believe that she is this beautiful, spunky toddler already.  She was just a baby in my arms.  Whenever I get sad about that, I remember that there will be a new baby in my arms soon and I will need someone to fetch the diapers!! :-)

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Matt & April Herman said...

I love her! I can't believe how adorable she is! Crazy how fast time goes!