Monday, January 7, 2008

I totally fogot..... post about our Christmas & New Years! It was a great time. We spend all of it with family and loved every second of it. We trade back and forth for holidays so this year it was Christmas at the Longs. We went over Christmas Eve and were welcomed with tons of great food, games and company. It was really fun. We had a nice devotional and then got into our pj's and watched old Christmas movies like the original Grinch and Mickey Mouse's Christmas Carol. It was really fun. The we went to bed, came downstairs and woke up to this:
The tree was beautifully decorated and lit up with presents under it. We spent some time opening gifts and got some really great stuff. I love giving people presents! Here is nick with one of his - he probably should have taken it out of the bag first! The week between Christmas is a man's athletic dream. There were bowl games galore, so Nick was a happy camper. On Wednesday, Texas played in it's bowl game which is a sacred experience for people from Texas. Here is a cute pic of Nick in his gear. The season was also filled with a lot of Wii time. What did we ever do before the Wii?!?! I generally am not a big video game fan but I LOVE the Wii! Here is a pic of Nick and my little bro Adam. Next on the agenda - NEW YEARS EVE!! We spent that with Nick's family. We spent the day shopping and then went over to Nick's parents that night. One of Nick's family traditions is to order chinese food on New Years Eve. So we did that and it was GOOD, GOOD, GOOD. Our niece was spending the night so we hung out with her and watched The Bourne Ultimatum - great movie! Another family tradition is to bang pots and pans at the stroke of midnight so this pic was taken outside after we did that. Nick's mom also bought some little fireworks and crackler things. Pretty good time - thanks LORI! And of course, what is New Year's without sparkling cider! We toasted that night for a healty & happy year! We wish that for all our friends & family!

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Scrap Happy said...

I won't tell you that you guys are cute, because you already know that. I shall not turn this blog into a love-fest. Sarcasm shall reign supreme, thank you very little.