Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Couldn't Wait

I just couldn't wait for his birthday to say how much I love my Dad!! For those of you who don't know him and were just to see him on the street, you might be intimidated by his size. He is a big, tall guy with a very commanding presence. But looks can be VERY deceiving - my Dad is the biggest teddy bear in the whole world. He loves his family and his friends. He is so loyal and kind. He basically loves anyone that loves him and is kind in return. He loves Daniel Boone and Gunsmoke. He loves Elvis and Johnny Cash. He's one of the good ones and I am so glad that he is my Dad. This post is inspired by him just being him last Thursday. I stopped at my parents after work on Thursday and was returning some stuff to my mom that I had borrowed. So my hands were full and in my rush to get in the house, I locked my whole purse in the car - keys, cell phone, etc...
My Dad wasn't home yet so the missionaries, who live with my parents, came to my rescue. They worked on it for over an hour - bless their pea-picking hearts! My Dad drives up and fashions and a device out of the same coat hanger they were using. He created a loop at the end of the hanger and someone slipped it inside my car and got the loop around my window crank thing - everything in my car is manual - and turned the knob from outside of the car with a coat hanger. AMAZING! Once he got the window open a bit - he shoved his "T" square in there to finish the job. I was in my car in about 20 minutes of my Dad getting there! I just love him so much and appreciate all the sacrifices he makes for our family!

My Dad wearing my cape on our wedding day - classic picture of what a goof he is!

My Dad with my nephew Tommy - he loves being a PopPop!!

Carving the Thanksgiving turkey! He's such a happy person!


Matt & April Herman said...

Yeah! I love your dad! He is just a giant teddy bear huh:) I miss your family, i love them all:)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye said...

Hi Honey,

I sent Daddy the link to your blog so he can read about how much his daughter loves him. Have I told you lately how generous and loving you are?

Danielle said...

I have to agree with everything you said about your Dad - I have always just loved both of your parents and they are a great example of how 2 people, so different can compliment each other so perfectly! Your Dad has always made us laugh - I spent many late weekend nights in the car with him (well that sounds bad) as he was driving me home from babysitting (sounds better!) and I can still remember some of the corny jokes he would tell me - and of course the music on the radio! You are lucky to have such a great Dad!! -Love, Dani