Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Grateful

This past weekend was my church's annual conference. We got to hear our wonderful leaders speak and it was so uplifting. In a world where seems to be chaos and hysteria all around us, it was so nice to see our leaders so calm and peaceful. I loved so much hearing them speak about prayer and finding joy in this journey. What a blessing! There was no hysteria about the economy, gas prices, or war. There were only sweet messages about prayer, faith, repentance, and families. What an wonderful way for us to spend our time. It just made me realize how blessed we are to have leaders who are so inspired and in tune with the Spirit, who are able to see the big picture.


Matt & April Herman said...

I loved this conference too! It was a little wierd, because when it started I actually got a little choked up, realizing that President Hinckley wasn't there. I guess it finally hit me that he is gone. But, when I heard President Monson speak, I could feel the spirit and humilty in his voice. It made me feel the peace that I needed.

Jared and Heather said...

I loved conference also! I loved the family talks!

Brendalyn said...

I loved your comments at Young Women's during our Conference Discussion. You are so great. Thanks for your example.