Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The day has arrived!!

What better way to use my blog that to brag about my mom! Her new book is officially out in stores now. She is on her book tour right now in Utah and is having a really great time meeting her fans - my mom has fans!!!. I know I am biased, but she really is a GREAT writer. If you like historical fact-based fiction with a little love thrown in there, then you will LOVE her series Free Men Dreamers. Book two is now available anywhere Covenant Communications sells, including: Deseret Books, Seagull Books, some Walmarts in Utah, and most book stores in Utah that are supported by Deseret. I am really so proud of my mom and couldn't be more excited for all her success. So anyone in need of a good lay be the pool book then check it out!! And if you are lucky, I might be able to get it signed for you! :-)

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Starley Family said...

I couldn't put it down!!!! Way to go Laurie! If any of you get a chance you should definately read the series. I love the Stephenie Meyer books but they are simply for light entertainment. The Freemen and Dreamers series can nearly take the fiction out of historical fiction. You landlubbers in Baltimore would appreciate it even more!