Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Start Spreading the News...........

Long time, no post! It's because we have been having TOO MUCH FUN! Last week Nick and I headed up to New York for a little R & R with his cousin Jard and his wife Trish. She is a theatre/dance major from BYU and had her directors showcase last week so we went up to check it out and do some fun sightseeing with them. We haven't seen them for over a year so it was SO fun to catch up and spend time together. **WARNING - LONG POST ALERT** We got up bright and early on Tuesday to take in some sights. We headed over to Trish's theater, the Sage Theatre, which was right in Times Square. It was pretty amazing. Anway, our first stop was the M & M store. You walk in and it smells so good and chocolatey! It was delightful. There are M&M's in EVERY color imaginable. Three stories of chocolatey goodness! If you like chocolate, it is a must see when you are in NY.
The entrance to the store - impossible to ignore!

*Nick and his cousin, Jared, getting the most bang for their buck!

Next, we headed down to Rockefeller Plaza. Now, Nick and I have been here many times, but never had we noticed the beloved Dean & Deluca. This might not mean anything to you an ordinary person off the street but any real "Felicity" fans know exactly what I am talking about. I believe I have admitted my freak obsession with the tv show in a past blog. Nick spotted in from about 200 yards away, and in true tourist fashion, we scurried over with our camera for a photo op.

Nick and I in front of Rockefeller Plaza

That is me in front of a memory!! Good ol' Dean & Deluca!

Next stop - FAO Schwarz. How could we come to the Big Apple and not go to FAO Schwarz. I love to come here and play on the piano from the movie "Big". Plus, they have the coolest toys there. It was really fun! How cool is this. It really plays and lights up. Very cool!

Harry Potter & gang - ALL MADE OUT OF LEGO'S - SO AMAZING!!

Nick and Jared Hanging out with a Lego Sponge Bob.

After alot of sightseeing, we headed back downtown to watch Trish's showcase and it was so great. There were so many talented people in her class. I took some pics but none of them turned out. Trish is an amazing dancer and singer and we really enjoyed ourselves!! After her showcase, we headed to heaven on earth. The resturant is called Max Brenner - Chocolate by the Bald Man. It is literally a resturant dedicated to all things chocolate. It was so yummy. Nick and I shared a Chocolate Pizza - WOW!!!

That ended Day 1 of our trip. The next day we did some more sightseeing but had big plans to see Lion King on Broadway. We spent a good part of the day walking through Central Park. We had the best weather and so it was a really enjoyable walk. Central Park is so huge so we didn't go through very much of it, but it was so peaceful and relaxing.

Nick and I in front of lake in Central Park.

Some beautiful flowers I got a picture of - I wanted to see it in Black & white.

We're walking along and this huge castle pops out of nowhere - right in the middle of Central Park.

After a really nice walk, we headed over to the Empire State Building. It really is breathtaking to be at the top of that building and see the ENTIRE city and all the burroughs. It was really awesome!!

We left the Empire State Building and headed to the Olive Garden for some dinner before Lion King, or so I thought!! We were walking and I saw that we passed Olive Garden. I was really confused. Then all of a sudden we turn the corner and I see this:

This is Bobby Flay's resturant. He is one of my favorite chef's on the Food Network - another guilty pleasure. I have been telling Nick for year's that I would love to go there sometime. So, he called and got us reservations. Jared and Trish were so great to go with us and keep the secret. I saw Jared & Trish walking in and I still didn't believe we were eating there. I was like, you guys look inside, I want to take a picture - DUH!! So, Nick had to tell me we were eating here and I got all teary because I am a sentimental sap! I was so surprised and SO excited. This place is so nice and fancy and elegant. Everything was so clean and put together. The food presentations were beautiful and the food was SO DELICIOUS!!! We all just shared everything! They said Bobby Flay comes in all the time so they sat us by the kitchen so I could see if he came in! They were so nice to me the whole night becasue they knew I was a big fan and gave me a menu to take home. Here are some pics:

Just a really great surprise - loved every second of it. I have such a good husband. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Bobby - he had already been there earlier in the day. And if the day couldn't get better, we headed off to see Lion King. That was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The performers were excellent and you really started to feel like they were animals. Really great!!

I am so thankful that we were able to go and see our family and have such a memorable trip. We are certainly blessed!


Becky said...

Hey Longs! It was fun seeing pics of your trip. My parents LOVED the Lion King and told us we should go see it
if we get the chance. We'll see about that.
All that talk of chocolate M&M's and chocolate pizza is making me restless. I need a freaking peanut butter cup!
How crazy is it that my old neighbor Jared is your cousin! It's a small world.

Matt & April Herman said...

It sounds like you had an awesome time! I love Bobby Flay too! I always watch Throw Down:) I miss the east. I love New York! maybe next time we come for a visit we can go up there too:) Love you!

Bloom Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! We would like to take a trip there ... you guys gave us some good ideas. I'll have to talk to you!

James and Heather English said...

James and I are obsessed with Bobby flay too. I wish I could have gone with you!! So jealous. I am hoping for my 10 year anniversary (only 3 years away Crazy) we can do a New York trip, since that is where we met. I Heart NY!!

Nicole said...

Amanda, you and Nick do really fun things together! I want to be more like that - Enjoying - treasuring - making memories - having a fantastic time doing whatever we do. You guys are great. Thanks for sharing. I love New York!

Brian said...

I was beginning to wonder if you had been consumed in the world of wii.

NY is a fun place, but always better to leave there. Glad you had such a memorable time.

losing my needles said...

Sounds like great fun. I'll bet you're glad that you can eat chocolate these days.

Stace said...

Wow it's even better than you described!!! I can't believe how yummy all the food looks. Maybe Nate and I can go there someday. You guys made NY awesome!!! We'll have to try some of those places if we can get up there next weekend. Lol, Stace

Stace said...
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Scrap Happy said...

WOW! Trip looks amazing! I can't believe I've never played on the Big piano - or seen Lion King - or eaten at Bobby Flay's restaurant. SOmebody tell my hubby that I need a trip to NY...

Melanie Whiting said...

You did so many fun things! I am so jealous! I love New York. It is one of my favorite places ever!!

Jared and Heather said...

So much fun!!! I'm so glad you and Nick went on a trip! We are excited to visit New York sometime in the next year. I'm so jealous you went to see the Lion King! What a great adventure!

Mitzi said...

What an awesome trip!!! Where is the that neat toy store and the M&M place at? We will have to go their if we make it up there again.