Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sacred Institution

I have always been an outspoken person, a quality that has been a strength at times and a weakness, depending on the situation. I have long avoided using my blog as a forum for my political views and ideas and, instead, chose to be silent. But I don't think that is the right thing to do anymore. My little brother lives in CA and my mom was telling me about what our church leaders have asked of the youth in CA. Elder Ballard and Elder Cook held a one hour prensentation that was shown on campuses in California, Utah, Idaho and Hawaii regarding Proposition 8. They urged the youth to use all methods at their disposal to support the church in their efforts to support Proposition 8. As a married woman expecting her first child, I can no longer sit back and ask the Lord to bless our country and not do my part. Marriage is and has always been a sacred institution between and man and a woman. It is important for us to stand behind our church leaders in protecting its sacredness. I know we can't vote unless we are in California but we can support our family and friends who do live there to not be afraid to stand up and be counted. It is time to be doers of the work. I am so proud of my brother for doing his part in California and make an unpopular stand! May we all do the same, wherever we are, however we can.


Scrap Happy said...

Arizona has the same thing on the ballot in Prop 102. This is HUGE and we cannot sit around and just hope that the word gets out.

HailerStar said...

I just saw a video this morning on what's been going on in Mass. since they passed Gay marriage into law there. I didn't realize, though never stopped to think about it really, that they are now teaching same sex unions in public schools there. *to kids as young as kindergartners* Many parents there are outraged because they were not notified of such a discussion until after the fact but they were told that since it's a law now, the school has no need to notify parents and ask for permission of what to teach their children regarding marriage, families, and same sex union.
I'll be voting to keep the current definition of marriage on Prop 102 here in Az.

Starley Family said...

Way to get the word out! Yes it is a little crazy in CA right now...but it's a great time to internalize, where do I stand on marriage?