Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time Out for Women

This past Saturday I was able to go to Time Out for Women up in Philadelphia with my two good friends from Owings Mills. I was so grateful to be able to go and hear the wonderful speakers: Chris Stewart, Douglas Brinley, Emily Watts, Jane Clayson Johnson, Carolyn Rasmus, & my FAVORITE LDS musician Hilary Weeks. I was only expecting to be uplifted and have a nice day with my friends and got much more than I thought. I had some things that were heavy on my heart and I felt that I got answers to my prayers that day. It was such a wonderful experience to hear each of these people speak, as if right to me most of the time. Hilary Weeks music was beautiful and inspiring and I really was touched by her as well. They were all so gracious and allowed us to swarm them during each break! Thank you to Heather for planning the day and for driving and to them both great company as always! It was such a wonderful day!


Nicole said...

I was in Philly on Saturday for Sarah McGinley's wedding. I have always wanted to attend this conference when it has come east. Glad to hear that it was so inspiring. We need that uplift.

Starley Family said...

Oooh I am jealous. I have wanted to read Mother by Jane Clayson...mmm forgot the rest. You are the sweetest and you really made my day with the Nate comparisons. I miss you so much but am so glad to hear how wonderful things are going for you both.

Parkinson Family said...

I'm so happy you came! It's a fun memory! I'm so glad you were able to receive some answers too - it was meant to be for us to go! I'm looking forward to your baby shower!!