Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

It's taken me a while to post because - SHOCKER - our computer bit the dust AGAIN and was in the shop - by shop I mean this somewhat weird guy we found who lives in his mom's basement! Anyway, I digress! Easter was really great. Nick and I loved our first big holiday as parents. Even though Brady has no idea what is going on, we still felt like we needed to be the easter bunny. So Easter eve, we stayed up late and made a bunny house out of candy and icing and got Brady's basket together! It felt so magical and I am so glad we did it! Easter morning I woke up, got Brady ready, and was completely aloof to what was going on downstairs. It seems the Easter bunny left a present for me too!!! I do LOVE that easter bunny!!! Our church service was wonderful. What better way to spend the morning than talking about our Savior. Church is a bit harder these days with an infant but Brady was so quiet and I got to sit through all of sacrament meeting which is rare! After church, we went over to my mom's for dinner. Dinner was delicious and my parents are always pretty fun to hang out with. Shortly after dinner though, Brady lost it! I mean, completely lost it. This may have had something to do with it!!! I love the progression of these pictures. If you'll notice, Brady's arms are starting to flail in the first one, and it was downhill from there!! Anyway, we tried calming him but were unsuccesfull. We ended up leaving my parents early and spent the rest of the evening at home. But Easter was wonderful and I loved spending it with my family!


The Critchlow Family said...

I can't get over how CUTE he is! Next time we are in Maryland we will have to get together and have dinner or something. We miss you guys!

HailerStar said...

Oh My Gosh! Brady's FACE in the second bunny pic is HILARIOUS! *Poor boy, sometimes I think the flash is tough on their eyes, I know I was surprised my niece didn't have eye issues after she was born cuz my dad was super picture taker, always snapping shots of her, her being his first grandkid*