Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cunningham Falls

Yesterday we decided to go up to Cunningham Falls for a little hike and family time. It was beautiful weather so we picked up some subs and headed up. Brady loves being outside and he was so good in the car and strapped to Nick all afternoon! We decided on the shorter, less treacherous hike and just walked it twice and it was a great time and good exercise. The falls at the end are the bonus. Nick climbed to the top of the falls while Brady and I cheered from below! Here are some pics of our day! Oh yeah, also, while we were walking, this deer was just 100 feet from us up in the woods. So neat!
Getting geared up for some fun - can't you see the excitement!
Test run of the equipment
Little picture break halfway through the trail We made it! That's Nick at the tippy top! Deer Cute little Brady!


Matt & April Herman said...

Love Cunningham Falls! Oh, the memories:) The grossest part was how much junk was in your bathing cuit when you were finished swimming:)

Jared, Patricia, and Brodey said...

Just wanted to say that we already miss you! It was so good to catch up with you. I hope you had a good flight home. And...as a side note, I just saw your family pictures...oh my goodness...they all turned out so perfect!!! What a photogenic and darling family you have. We are so happy for you. We wish you all the best of luck as Nick begins school! Love you!