Friday, August 7, 2009

Playing Catch Up, Part 1

July was a super busy, fun month for us! On July 19, we jet-setted off to Utah for my family's annual vacation. It, also, happened to be my 29th birthday and Brady's first time flying! Thankfully, Nick had a talk with him about it being mommy's birthday so he was pretty good! When we got to Utah, we were picked up at the airport by Krista, my SIL, and my dad. Krista hadn't met the Bradster yet so I was really excited to show him off! We then headed to her house for a brief visit with my BFF Apey, her husband Matt, and daughter Bailey. When I walked in the door, all the lights were off and it was super quiet. Now, Tommy and Krista have three kids under so the quietness was a bit shocking! I walk around the corner and my whole family jumps up and yells "SURPRISE"!! It totally was that and very sweet! There was a beautiful, yummy chocolate cake from Costco, which I LOVE and a dozen red roses! It was a perfect surprise! About 15 minutes later, April and family showed up and that was equally as wonderful!! April had never met Brady either so they had a nice little first meeting! At about 6:30pm we headed up to Park City and that place is really beautiful. We all got moved in and spent time chatting and finally turned in because we were exhausted from traveling! The next morning, which was the highlight of the trip, we went to the Salt Lake Temple where Josh (my youngest brother) took out his endowments. It was so wonderful to have my whole family there - except for the kids of course! Here are some pics:After the temple, we spent the rest of the week doing all sorts of ruckus things!
We went boating and tubing. We went swimming.
We spent lots of time hanging out together! And we even fit in time to take a picture with matching reunion shirts!
It was a really great vacation. We played games, went to a small town rodeo, ate good food and laughed a lot. But for me, the best part of these vacations is being with my family and being reminded again and again that they really are the best! I love being with them!

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