Monday, September 7, 2009

All About Brady

I missed posting about Brady turning 7 months and now he is almost eight! It's so hard to believe that he is almost eight months because he is still my little baby! Turning seven months has meant several new things to adjust to! He is cutting his first two teeth as we speak so drooling is at an all time high!! He got to meet his Aunt Michele who is home for college and lives with us! She loves him so much and he is equally enamored with her! It's great having her home! Brady is also testing the waters as far as rolling and moving. He rolled off the bed for the first time - he walked away unscathed but it scared Nick and I pretty bad! He can also scoot 360 degrees but won't crawl to save his own life! He is really vocal - laughing and giggling all the time. He's just a happy boy and he makes our home feel complete! This is not to say we don't want more kids but for now, our home and our hearts are full!


Nicole said...

I love his expression! So cute. We love you guys!

Clark and Liesel said...

What a cute little guy he is. Can he really be this old already?? Maybree and Brady need to meet sometime soon! :)