Monday, September 7, 2009


On Monday, dad got a full knee replacement. It is always hard seeing your parents as people and not these brave superhero like people that make us feel safe and comforted. I spent the day in the hospital with my mom as we waited for his surgery to end and then for him to get out of recovery. It was such a relief to finally see his doctor and know that everything had gone okay. When we got up to his room, it was a little shocking to see him hooked up to IV's and looking so weak and tired. That's just not my dad. But he woke up and the second he saw Brady, I got to see his smile that I love and still depend on so much! He's home now recovering and trying to get back to McGiver status as fast as possible! Here are some pics from the day!
Trying to stay entertained while we waited to see Dad!
He hasn't quite figured out how to do this yet!
We ran some errands while we waited and Grandma bought Brady a new outfit! We also ate lunch - Brady's first time at McDonald's! Seeing PopPop for the first time! Not sure what to think about all that stuff on him! There's my PopPop! Going in for a kiss! Mom, Dad and Brady Nick, Dad, Brady and Me - So glad to be done with the surgery!! I had to keep Brady entertained so I blew up a glove - he thought it was the best thing ever! This is the next day! Dad with his great nurse Martha. You can see that Dad was back to his old self!!!

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Laurie LC Lewis said...

He is definitely Pop Pop's best medicine!