Thursday, October 1, 2009

Emma and her dog

A couple of years ago I was teaching the young women in my church. There was this little girl, I think 12 or 13 at the time, that wanted a dog SOOOO bad. Every Sunday she would talk about the dog and how she was going to convince her parents that she needed this dog or her life, as she knew it, would be over! One Sunday, she came in and said she had sat her parents down and carefully planned a presentation for them outlining how this dog was going to smoothly transition into their home, plans on feeding, playing, training, etc.... Her mom and dad were leery, but figured only a mature child would so thoughtfully outline the plan for getting a dog. Lately, I have been feeling like this is how I approach my Heavenly Father. I approach him with all the eagerness and maturity I can muster, most often with a well thought out plan. I present to him my ideas and move forward, feeling confident that He agrees. This is not always the case. As carefully thought out my plans may be, they are not always what my Heavenly Father wants for me or for my family. I have learned so much this year about trusting in the Lord, leaning on him and sometimes allowing him to carry my every burden until I am strong enough to do so myself. Thank goodness for a wise Father who loves me!


Matt & April Herman said...

SO true. It is hardest to truct in the Lord when things may not be going planned:) He always takes care of us though. Thanks for the wonderful insight, Love you!

Danielle said...

That sounds like my Emma!