Monday, October 19, 2009

Parking it Up

I am a little late reporting Brady and I's latest park adventures. I know he can't run(walk OR crawl yet, don't get me started) but this kid LOVES the park. A couple of weeks ago we got together with my sister in law, Becca, and her son, Brooklyn, and then a couple days later we went to a park up in Hagerstown with my mom and Grandma. Brady loves the swings and I think he would be fine to spend all day in one if we had the time!
Last week, my little guy turned 9 months and he is just getting better all the time. Unfortunately, his stats will have to be recorded at ten months because I neglected to make him an appointment - I told you, I am a slacker mom! What I can report is that he has two and a half teeth now. He LOVES mashing food with his gums, even food that doesn't require mashing. He has succesfully survived a pretty bad crash off our bed onto our hardwood floors - I did not come our as well, I am still suffering mild nightmares and a slight twitch! He can scoot 365 degrees and backwards but has yet to mastered crawling forward. I am trying to be patient with him because I know my life will change dramatically once he's mobile. I am just getting a little tired of the toy fetch game - one he has learned to LOVE! He sleeps through the night and goes down without any rocking or feeding which has changed my whole life! I am sleeping - YAHOO!!! He has become a great napper and I am enjoying those couple of breaks during the day as well! I have been crafting!! Here's a pic of my latest project: You can't really tell how fabulous they are in this pic but they are covered in black glitter too!
And this picture is just cute so I thought I would add it!

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