Monday, October 19, 2009

Quickie Beach Trip

On Thursday morning, we packed it up and headed to Ocean City. We wanted to do something fun with Michele before she headed back to school and Nick had a couple of days free so we hit the open, rainy road. It was very rainy the whole time but we still had so much fun. Our hotel was amazing (thank you mom and dad!) so we just chilled out there and it was great! We were right on the ocean and our room had a balcony so we went out there and enjoyed the beautiful, crashing waves. There is little I love more than the sound of the ocean so that was so great as well! We went to this amazing seafood buffet and ate until we couldn't breathe and then headed back to the hotel. Then we went swimming at the hotel pool and played charades in the water and it was so funny - you might have had to be there :-) Then we went back to our room and played games and watched a movie! It was such a fun little getaway!

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