Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Backing up

So much has happened since my last entry, including Christmas. How could I forget to write about Brady boys first Christmas?!??! Well, it was wonderful. Of course, I had HIGH expectations for his first Christmas. I wanted everything to be perfect. I imagined him full of excitement and looking at every gift with wonder. That wasn't quite the case but it was still wonderful. When he woke up Christmas morning, we gave him his stocking and he was pretty excited about pulling everything out of it one by one. It was really cute. Then it was present time and I was so excited for Brady. But what he was most excited about was the paper....oh, and the ribbons! We got him some new books and puzzles. He also got the primary songbook so we can sing and play the piano together. But the coolest gift he got was from my parents. They got him a Radio Flyer wagon that he can push around and stuff all his toys in - which he does twenty times a day! The adults were just as excited about it as Brady because Nick and my dad started putting it together immediately! We don't have many pictures because our camera was in the shop and we took a lot of video instead but I can't get it to upload. But it was a magical day watching our little boy feel the Spirit of Christmas. Nothing better than experiencing all these things over again with your kids.

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