Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I would never do to a stranger's baby or the mother

And, yes, these are all things that have happened to Brady since he came into this interesting world. I would NEVER:
  1. Touch their binky. You should never, ever, ever touch anything that is going to go in the babies mouth.
  2. Ask to hold a stranger's baby - this includes reaching to take the baby out of the carrier. WEIRDOS!!
  3. Kiss them - ANYWHERE! I wouldn't kiss their cheek, hands, belly, foot, etc.
  4. Take off their socks and tell the mother they're probably crying because they're too hot.
  5. Give the mother advice when I see the baby crying - chances are, she's feeling just as overwhelmed and/or embarrassed about it as I would be.
  6. Tell the mother she shouldn't let her baby suck on Binky's.
  7. Tell the mother that the baby looks nothing like them and argue that she must be the babysitter.
  8. Smoke a cigarette outside then come in and touch the baby's hand.
  9. Stick my head inside the baby carrier and invade baby's space - and really tick off the mom.
  10. Offer the baby random treats I have in my purse, bag or pocket.
I think that about sums it up. I definitely would NOT do these things.


Clark and Liesel said...

wow...this post reminds that there really are such strange people out there. I think people's brains fall out sometimes. I also can't believe Brady is one!!!! He is such a cutie! And I love all the things you did to make his birthday special!

Parkinson Family said...

hahahaha - love the post! Hershey's vet secretary likes to offer Mackenzi random snacks from her lunch baggies....agh! I just made a sign for our new baby girl's car seat that says, "Please wash your hands before you touch mine. Thank you."

Nate and Lori said...

That was a good laugh. People are nuts... My favorite advice that I've been given when Reese was screaming was to take a little vaseline and swab it in her bumhole. Nice...I will NOT be doing that.

Jared and Patricia said...

I am still laughing. Ha ha! Your humor makes me miss you. I can hardly wait till we see you guys again. Brady gets stinkin' cuter in every new picture you post. Oh my goodness! Can't wait to see him again...we love you guys. As always, much love and warmest wishes.

Starley Family said...

So funny! I love the arguement about whether you were the mom or babysitter...some people. Sweet Brady!!! I can't believe he is one already!!! Yikes! I was so glad we got to see him while he was still a baby!
PS. Humor is always the way to go when people make you mad. There's nothing like posting to the world their faux pas.

Kayla said...

Isn't it too funny how babies can make people go gag-ga. Oh and the smoking one would totally tick me off!

Heather said...

way cute blog background! teach me how to change mine!