Monday, March 29, 2010

How I love this kid...

There are no words. I just LOVE my son so much! This age is my favorite! I want to jot some things down so I don't ever, ever forget!
  • He growls ALL THE TIME! He now talks in the growl voice 90% of the time!
  • He loves balls! Anythings spherical is a ball to him and he walks around the house saying "ball, ball, ball" all day long!
  • He hates clothes. EVERY single morning is a battle to get him bathed and dressed - he much rather be in his diaper or less.
Exhibit A
  • He loves peas and bananas. He would eat these two things all day, every day if I let him!
  • He "talks" to me all day long! He uses his hands to gesture just like his mom!
  • He LOVES his bear slippers. He brings them to me to put on his feet in the morning!
  • He is almost completely weaned off of bottles! YIPEE!!
  • He is still a sweet little cuddler when he's tired!
  • He is obsessed with hair. If I am holding him, he is ALWAYS holding my hair in his hands. He doesn't stop with me either! Whoever is holding him gets the hair grab. He even grabs long hair if he sees it in front of him at church!
  • He loves music. If I am playing the piano, he is right there with me. If he hears anyone sing, he sings too! It's so cute!
  • He loves other little kids - especially girls! It may be because all the kids his age at church are girls. I don't know but he loves 'em!
  • Most of all, he is SO happy! He really is such a content little guy and I LOVE being his mommy!


Matt & April Herman said...

I love him too! He is so stinkin cute!

Clark and Liesel said...

Aww he is so cute! We need to get together again.