Thursday, April 1, 2010

Please slow down

It's funny how different this second pregnancy is! I remember being pregnant with Brady and I just couldn't get that kid here fast enough!!! My friend was pregnant with her second and I just remember her saying over and over that she could TOTALLY wait and wishes things would slow down. That is exactly how I am feeling! I feel like time is flying by and I am perfectly happy to have this little girl stay in there as long as possible!! I am already passed the halfway mark and I have nothing planned. By this time with Brady, he was basically all moved in - all we needed was the baby! I feel like this go around we will have a baby and nothing else. EEEK!!!

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losing my needles said...

That happened with Graham. I think I just was not as stressed about it since we already had the essentials. This time around, well, I think I'm even less stressed about needing things. (We have to buy a car still, and I'm no where close to thinking about that.) But I also feel like this time around the symptoms are going way too fast, but the pregnancy itself seems to be crawling. (I feel more pregnant that I actually am I think.)
But the baby will come, ready or not, and you'll just love her to pieces, so that's all that really matters.