Saturday, April 24, 2010

Backtracking Part 1 - The National Zoo

Several Mondays ago, Nick and I went down to the National Zoo with our church's youth group. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take Brady for his first zoo trip! The day we went ended up on one of those out of the ordinary, steaming hot days!!! That was not to so fun but we ended up having a great time and so did Brady.
We wanted to ease him into the whole zoo experience so we stuck to rocks and statues of animals for the first little while! :-)
Brady is going through a little bit of a rock obsession right now so this was happiness to him. He HAD to stand on that rock!
As for sitting on this panda's head, there really is no explanation except that he wouldn't stand in front of him.
He loved this weird bird statue! He gets a little fresh with it...
....right here! He's a lover of all animals - what can I say!
Unfortunately, once we got inside the zoo and were looking at animals, I never got the camera out. Brady loved the bird house. The birds were free to fly around and he just couldn't get enough of it! In the ape house, this enormous, orange, crazy haired monkey/gorilla thing was standing right in front of the glass. So we put Brady up to it to see what he thought. Next thing I know, Brady's hands are sort of banging on the glass right next to a sign that reads, "CAUTION: Do not bang on the glass". In my head, I saw this whole scene playing out where Brady sends this monstrous gorilla into a frenzy so we quickly removed him. But it was a fun day spent as a family and we will need to do it again!

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