Saturday, April 24, 2010

Backtracking Part 2 - Awakening Avery Book Launch

A couple weeks ago, the National Launch for my mom's newest novel, "Awakening Avery", took place down in Kensington at This is the Place bookstore. We made it a family affair! Brady was wearing a shirt we made for him that said, "My Grandma wrote this book" and on the back was the cover of her new book. My dad wanted in on the action and made one that said, "My sweetheart wrote this book." After Brady spent an hour ripping things from the shelves, my dad took him home and my mom and I stayed to do a little PR. It was a great day. She sold all the books that store had in stock and we met some really great people! It was awesome to see my mom as an author instead of just my mom. She is really so talented and respected!

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