Thursday, May 6, 2010

He's all boy

I have been marveling recently at how Brady has just turned into this little boy over night. I thought that having all brothers would have taken away some of the magic of watching this little guy grow up and explore the world around him but it hasn't at all. The second we come downstairs he is at the door ready to go "aside" and play and explore. He loves collecting rocks and sticks. Nick was a little explorer, too, when he was little and he said he wished he kept some of the things he found when he was little. So, we decided to make Brady an explorers bag for every year he thinks this is cool. We have dated it and will keep it in his memory box. So far, it looks a lot like our driveway: rocks, leaves, and sticks. But we think Brady might think this is really neat one day!

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Clark and Liesel said...

That is so cute! What a great idea!