Monday, May 10, 2010

Western Maryland Kidney Walk 2010

On May 16 I will be walking to show gratitude for my health, my good doctors and nurses and for my mother for donating life to me almost five years ago. In 2004 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called IGA nephropathy. By the time I found out, I was already in chronic kidney failure and was told I would need a kidney transplant to live. It was overwhelming and devastating news to receive being only 24 years old. I had just found the man of my dreams and was looking forward to a life with him, filled with kids and joy. This dream seemed to be falling apart as I sat across from my doctor and learned this devastating news. Before the news could even sink in, my mom said she would be the donor. From that second on she endured test after test and the waiting game began. My sweetheart, Nick, stood by my side and proposed to me on October 20, 2004 - just one day after hearing the news. We went on and planned our dream wedding and waited for the phone call that would save both our lives. I am hoping in sharing my story, others will find hope in their darkest hour. I hope that they will see that their is not only life after transplantation, but one that is full of joy and happiness. I am approaching my five year anniversary and have a 15 month old son that I carried healthily to full term and will be delivering our second child, a baby girl on the very day of my transplant anniversary. So, on May 16, I will walk in gratitude and for those who need hope. I am walking to help save someone else's life because my mother saved mine! If you feel so inclined to donate to this wonderful cause and help save another's life, please head to my webpage! Thank you!

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