Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backtracking Blog Post #3

Father's Day
I was very excited about Father's day this year because I had a few surprises up my sleeves that I had been planning for weeks. One was that I got a tip from a friend (thanks Stacey) that David Archuleta would be in the Deseret Books in Salt Lake City on June 7th doing a book signing. Nick is a big fan, as am I, and I knew he would really get a kick out of it. So I enlisted my brother to wait in the line of screaming girls to get one signed for Nick. My brother then enlisted his wife, who is a saint, and waited in line for almost three hours to get it signed! So I knew that was on it's way and I was very excited! Also, after Nick went caving, he said he wanted some "man things" for Father's Day. He had talked about wanting a fishing rod for a long time so I made it happen. Usually on Sunday mornings Nick leaves early for meetings but it being Father's Day, they were canceled so we got to spend all morning with him. I got up early with Brady and made him my homemade egg sandwiches and some fruit salad. I topped that off with a glass of ice cold chocolate milk. Brady and I headed upstairs with the gifts and the food to surprise our main man. It was a great relaxing morning! One of my greatest joys in life is watching Nick be a dad. It is so magical to me to watch him fully embrace it and wholeheartedly enjoy it! I also have a great dad that I love so much. I am equally enchanted watching him be a PopPop. He loves being a PopPop and Brady loves him so much. They are pretty cute together! He is endlessly supportive of all his children and we all appreciate him so much!

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