Monday, June 28, 2010

Backtracking Blog Post 2

Brady is 17 months old!!!!
This just blows me away that he is 17 months old now. Every 15th day of every month he ages but it is just crazy how fast the time is flying. This 16-18 month stage is my favorite so far! He is so expressive and communicative. He is such a little boy - always looking for rocks, sticks, bugs and it's rare to see him without a ball in his hand! He loves being outside and would be happy to sit out there all day! The other day we just sat in camping chairs together for like 30 minutes and "talked". I use the term loosely! 17 months has brought on some new words and skills. He knows how and when to use hi and bye. He says "up" when he wants to be held or helped up the stairs. He says "button" because a lot of my maternity tops have buttons on them so he's got that one down pat. Some new skills are climbing - he climbs on everything. He knows to push things around so he can climb higher. He sits indian style which is so cute! He's really into the phone and mimics sounds I make when I am on the phone. He walks around carrying it all day! I am sure I am missing a ton of stuff but I just love everything he's doing right now! It's been fun taking him swimming at my mom's although he is very determined to do it himself. He literally pushes my arms away because he thinks he can! It's actually pretty nerve racking but he loves the water!!! He also loves bath time and as soon as he hears the water, he runs into the bathroom and starts lifting his shirt! He knows how to get his diaper off too, so I need to stay on top of that! He's pretty much a joy to be around - just a happy go lucky kind of kid!

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