Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bactracking Blog Post 1

What has nick been up to?
That's a great question. One that many many people have been asking. He rarely makes appearances in our blog and since it is also our family history, I need to be better at it!! Back in October, Nick got called to be the Young Men's president in our church. He is in charge of the 12-18 year old boys. Most of his non-working hours are filled up with this calling. He's either planning an activity, executing the said activity or on the phone working out the kinks. It's been a wonderful thing for him and he is really loving it. Last month he and another leader took the boys on a caving trip and Nick had a blast. It was his first time caving and I think it is something he definitely wants to do again!
The whole group waiting to leave! (Yes my husband is wearing a fanny pack. Apparently they are really handy while caving! :-) )
The whole gang ready to enter the cave.
And after - yuck! I got to wash those lovely clothes a day later. In case you're wondering, they did not smell better aired out in a car after 24 hours!

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