Friday, October 1, 2010

Brady Boy

This has been an interesting experience watching Brady adjust to life with a sibling. I was SOOO worried that he would feel neglected and rejected. For the most part, he sort of just orbits around her. He does have his moments where he needs mama right this second and he will jump on my lap whether I am feeding/holding her or not. He sort of acts like she just isn't there most of the time. We have had a few "near death" experiences - not Avery's near death, Brady's because I was sure that I was going to kill the kid! When she was about three weeks old he pulled her blanket until she fell off the couch with it! Not so good. Then about a week ago he kicked her in the head. Other than that he is happy to dole out kisses for photo ops and be sweet when he thinks it will get him a "tweat". Seriously, though, he has been pretty darn good considering how much has changed for him. He really likes to watch her coo - sometimes her noises make him laugh. When I give him a kiss, he doesn't want her to be left out so he kisses her too! So far, he's been a pretty great big brother. But other than that, he's the same old crazy kid. Here's a little of what he's been up to:
Trying on mom's shoes - he's a shoe man!! I love his pose in the top picture! So serious - so couture!
He got sheared again!
Cooking with Mommy! He loves to help me stir but mostly he loves cleaning the paddle!
Learning some football moves from Daddy! He loves to "set hut" - including other children in nursery!


Sarah said...

What a cute kid! Although there are parts that are tough just know that what you see now is only a small preview of the closeness they will share! They are going to be best pals. I can't believe all that great HAIR - so jealous!

Matt & April Herman said...

I love that kid! He is so cute! He seriously looks like a little man. I love that he kisses Avery after you kiss him. That is adorable:) I miss you guys so much, wish we lived closer. Give him kisses for me:)