Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Fun at the Aquarium

For Nick's birthday this year he wanted to have a family day down at the National Aquarium, which I thought was really sweet! Brady's favorite movie is Finding Nemo and we had taken him to a critter touch and feel deal at the library so we thought he would love the aquarium. And boy did he! He loved every single tank and would have probably stayed and stared at each one for an hour! We bought tickets for the total experience, which included a 4-D movie and the dolphin show. The 4-D movie was amazing! We had such a fun day we decided to become members so we can go when ever we want, as many times as we want!! I can't wait to head back down!
He love all the "sish"
We did find Nemo!!
Avery enjoyed the fish from a distance! She mostly wanted to be snuggled close to mom!

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Clark and Liesel said...

She looks like such a little angel! Glad you had such a fun family outing! I miss you!