Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Fun and Utah Trip

Holidays are so much more fun with kids. Nick and I have so much fun watching Brady and Avery explore new things. With Halloween approaching, we did a lot of fun fall things. We took Brady to this really great fall festival called "The Great Pumpkin". It had so much going on, you could hardly do everything. The lines were horrendous but it was well worth the $5 entrance fee! He got to do so many fun things!!
He rode a pony named Honey!
This bouncy house was for 3 and older but they let him do in! Look how happy!
He got to tour a fire truck and got his own fire hat - that he wouldn't wear!!
Of course we had to get a picture in the pumpkin cut out!
And he absolutely LOVED this huge slide!!!
Later that month, we took our church's youth group to a pretty sweet corn maze out in Thurmont, MD. We reserved our own firepit which was pretty awesome! We took our kids with us and had a really great time with all the youth and other youth leaders!!
Mary and little Avery!
Yes, ice cream in October. It's never a bad time to eat ice cream!!
Little Brady - he had a blast! He lOVES all the older kids!
Brady and his buddy Finn!
Nick had an on-call week coming up and since he would have to stay the night at the hospital, the kids and I headed out west to see my family!! It was perfect timing actually because I wanted to introduce little Avery to my brothers and the opportunity presented itself so I jumped on it! My mom came too because there was no way I could have done the plane thing by myself with a 20 month old and a two month old! So on October 27 my mom and I embarked on the four and a half hour plane ride with two lap babies, 1 bag full of snacks and one bag full of games and toys. We were prepared for the worst. Fortunately, we were lucky enough on a plane with nine other babies to get a seat between us. Miracle of miracles!! Brady was able to sit in his own seat and draw and eat in peace! The flight there was seamless! We were so thrilled! Brady on the plane Avery & Grandma Brady & Mommy

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