Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christmas Continued

This Christmas was highly anticipated because it was the year we got to be together as a family - the whole lot of us! After several trips to the airport, we were all together by Christmas night and it really was a magical couple of weeks. We had a quiet Christmas Eve day, just nick, me and the kids. The whole day felt so wonderful and peaceful as we played together. Nick left to run some errands and came back with two Santa hats, one for him and one for me. We put them on and played games and sang songs with the kids. I almost loved that day more than Christmas morning because it was just a calm, sweet day with my little family!
Christmas Morning
Not sure what Avery is doing here?!?!!?
Avery & Daddy - I LOVE this picture!
Josh & Avery
Brady & Blue(his favorite toy by FAR)
Little Brother Josh
Adam & Brittany
Brittany & Avery
Nick showing off his new coat from J.Crew
Leapfrog laptop
Bathtub crayons
Things I want to remember about this Christmas:
  • Avery trying to eat every bow or scrap of paper that came within a foot of her hands/face
  • Brady crying every time we tried to get him to open up another present. He didn't get the whole present thing
  • How loved Nick made me feel by putting so much thought into my gifts
  • Brady's face when he saw his very own Blue stuffed animal and Handy Dandy Notebook
  • Waking up with the same excitement I had when I was little because I couldn't wait for Brady to experience the magic of Christmas

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