Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas & New Years 2010

The Christmas season this year was more exciting than any Christmas since I was a child. I LOVED getting things ready for our kids this year. I love everything about Christmas. I love the decorations, I love the music, I love being with family and going to parties. I especially loved picking out things for Brady and anticipated his reaction to the whole deal. This year they invited the nursery children to be a part of the Christmas program at our ward Christmas party and I was beyond thrilled. Brady got to dress up as an angel and join the whole primary for the re-enactment of the Christmas story. Brady was so darn cute up there with his friends. I have to admit our little guy stole the show! He was so cute and funny up there - he just can't help it!!! At first he was just sitting there really sweet and quiet but then he saw Nick standing in the back and kept saying "Daddy, daddy" over again. Then he saw me sitting in the front taking pictures and was saying "it's a momma" which is how he says "there's my mom". Then he started waving and saying hi to everyone which was beyond adorable! Just when I thought my kid couldn't get any cuter, they had the kids stand up and sing and when they did, Brady turned around and started directing the singing! It was hilarious and darling all at the same time!
He wasn't so sure at first - he did not like that thing on his head!
But he warmed up to the whole idea!
Sitting with all the other angels!
Getting a little help from his friends
More interested in the stage decor..
There's the happy boy!!
Anyway, it was a proud/exciting moment for Nick and I as we got a glimpse of life with a little toddler - he was like a real kid up there! So fun! The next morning, we headed to Columbia Mall to meet Santa. I love taking the kids to see Santa because it just does not feel like Christmas until you do it! The line was pretty long and Avery was not having a great time waiting as documented in the following photo:
But I stepped out of line right after this and fed her so she would be nice and happy for Santa. I think the final product is pretty adorable.

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