Monday, February 28, 2011

Turning two with Blues Clues!

Our little sweetie pie, Brady, turned two on January 15! I can hardly believe he's already two but at the same time I feel like I have known him my whole life. He is the sweetest thing and I truly love him more each day! When it came around to planning his party, I knew without a doubt it would have to be a blues clues day! So I planned everything around Blues Clues. My mom even found Handy Dandy notebooks online and got one for each child to take home. Brady had such a fun day and it made us so happy to see him enjoying everything so much. By the end of the day, he was a little overstimulated and was ready for some quiet but it was a really great day! People that came: The Hall Family: Leigha, Kendall & Logan The Magee Family: Jacob, Alex & Mason The Watson Family: Finn, Neelah & Savvy Fun games we played: Pin the paw on Blue Musical paw prints Blue's clues This is a letter a wrote to Brady on his birthday for his baby book: Dear Brady, You are 2 today! I can hardly believe it! This means that for the last 730 days you and I have been inseparable and the best of friends. You, my dear son, are so precious to me. You have taught me how to be a mother. I don't remember who I was without you except that it could not have been nearly as much fun! Your daddy and I wanted you so badly and getting you here was no small fete. You were stubborn from the start, just like your mommy! After 47 hours of waiting, you were here. And I have had to pinch myself almost everyday since - still not convinced I am not in a fairytale. You are so full of wonder and you teach me about enjoying every little thing because you find joy in almost everything. Brady, when your daddy blessed you at 6 weeks old, one of the blessings was that you would bring joy to all that crossed your path. You fulfill that everyday. You are such a happy guy and funny to boot! You are a choice son of God and I want you to remember that always. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope that no matter how crazy our house gets, you know how much I love you! Love, Mommy
Playing Blues Clues with the Handy Dandy notebooks
A clue! A clue!
I made a paw print cake and used cupcakes as the toe part. Here is Brady trying to eat without getting messy! He hates having his hands dirty - I thought this picture was hilarious and totally captures who he is at two! Thins I never want to forget about him at two:
  • He LOVES everything Blue's Clues - if I forget to pack his Handy Dandy "utbook" for any outing, I am big trouble.
  • He knows almost all his shapes - heart, star, square, triangle, circle, etc and he points them out to me while we are driving anywhere.
  • He can count to fifteen - but when you ask him to do it he gets shy and whispers it.
  • He loves to draw - on EVERYTHING - our walls included!
  • IF I am not smiling 24/7 he comes up to me and says, "mama, you sad?" He is such a happy boy and does not like tension or sadness at all. He's very sensitive to that kind of stuff.
  • He can say his own prayers and it seriously breaks my heart everytime.
  • He LOVES Avery and interacts with her now - no once can make her smile like him!
  • At his two year appointment he weighed 30 lbs and was 35 inches tall.
  • He loves nursery.
  • And my favorite thing is that he still wants mommy when he's sad. He's becoming more and more of a daddy's boy which kind of hurts but when all is said and done, he needs his mommy!
January 15, 2009
July 2009 - 6 months old January 15, 2010 - 1 year old July 2011 - 18 months old

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