Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Playing Catch up

Things have been a little crazy around here so I am going to have to do one of those catch up posts that I hate! It's almost April and I realized I have only blogged through Brady's birthday and that was January 15 - EEEEK!! FEBRUARY: Oh, the month of love. I got up early and made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.Nick and I were able to get a sitter and go to the most fabulous restaurant. It is called Ricciuti's and it was delicious! The chef only uses fresh ingredients from local farms. It was extraordinary! We even had the mind enough to dress up red for church and grab a valentines photo!!
Sissy can't eat real food yet so she enjoyed some banana in her food masher for V-day!
I also got my gall bladder removed in February, which meant I was on a strict lifting restriction for one week. Luckily, my mom came to the rescue and came over everyday that week to help me with the kids. Brady had watched a Blues Clues in the morning about sock puppets so my mom and knew we could create one far better. So we put together one and Brady loves it. I actually have to hide it sometimes because he constantly wants me to be puppet!
Do you see what' s in his other hand?
MARCH: We celebrated St. Patricks day with a green meal. I wish I would have taken pictures but did not do so. We had green eggs and bacon breakfast burritos with green applesauce. It was fun to see Brady's face. He definitely noticed that everything was green and may have even been a little unsure but it was fun for me to create a moment for my family!! Also, Avery turned eight months old in March. Avery is the sweetest little thing. At eight months old, she is very fun and giggly and so responsive to our love and smiles and voices. She finally got sick for the first time this month with a little respiratory virus unscathed. This month, though, her leg took a far worse beating.....more to come on that later! I also started her on solid food. I always start late with my kids because it's such a hassle. But I bit the bullet and started it! Brady remains our sweet little boy and recently, our little comedian. He is smart and witty. He is full of life and makes every day worth it with his big hugs. He is still 100% OBSESSED with Blues Clues. The first thing he asks me every morning is "where is my utbook (notebook)?" Between my mom and me, we have spent a small fortune on Handy Dandy notebooks. We had some really nice weather days and even got out to the park a couple times. Actually, we relish any time we get to spend with Nick. He is so busy between work and his calling at church.
I also started her in Piano lessons :=)

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Matt & April Herman said...

Look at my little sweetnesses! They are adorable! I can'r wait to love on them:) That puppet is pretty awesomw;) I understand why he wants to play with it all the time:)