Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Girl with the Pink Cast

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess. Princess Amanda was the most blessed maiden in the land. Among her many treasures were two sweet, cherubic babies that she wanted very much and loved more than anything. One morning Princess Amanda was running around her castle in a rush trying to get everything ready so she could head out into the kingdom for a very important meeting. As she was doing so, her sweet little daughter, Avery, had fallen asleep on the bed. Princess Amanda did not want to wake the dear child, but instead took advantage of this gift of time and ran into the castles wash room for a quick scrub. As soon as she stepped foot of the tub, she her the high pitched screams of sweet Avery. She ran to her and swooped her into her arms and tried to calm the little dear. After 45 minutes of hugging, rocking and singing, Avery closed her little eyes to continue her peaceful slumber! Thinking everything was fine, Princess Amanda whisked up her little ones and headed to her mother's, the Queen's house, so she could tend to the dears while the Princess was flitting around the kingdom. While the Princess was out, she received word from the Queen that everything was not alright with Avery and that she should take her into town immediately to be seen by the doctor. Princess Amanda rushed to her mothers and as soon as she picked up her baby, she knew that the Queen was right. The poor dear would not let her leg down, but rather, hugged it close to her body. So the Princess, the Queen, and the two children went into town to see the doctor. He said that she would need further care in the next town over and that they should not dilly dally. So they packed up the car again and set out for the far away land of Olney to acquire pictures of the wounded leg. As soon as they saw the pictures, they knew that he little leg was broken. Not a second later, a very mean doctor pulled the Princess aside and questioned her ruthlessly about abusing her little dears. She tried to explain that they were her most prized treasures in the whole world and as tears slid down her cheeks, he sent her back to her room to wait. After hours of talking to specialists in other far away lands, they decided to sent the royal family back to their castle to rest and that Avery would need to travel the following morn to another land to receive her final dressings. The next morning, Prince Nick took off work so he could be there for moral support as they traveled to another doctor to care for sweet Avery. When they arrived, they were greeted by the kindest doctor in the land and she promised the Prince and Princess that Avery would be just fine in time. They put a pink cast all the way up for leg and around her foot, said "see ya in four weeks" and sent the family back to their royal kingdom. There were people in the land who judged the princess when they saw the child. They looked at her like she was a bad princess and an even worse mother. This made Princess Amanda very sad. So one day, the Queen came and produced special clothing that would magically hide the cast from passerby's. Two days later, her fairy godmother came and brought more of these magical clothes. This made the Princess very happy!! Before anyone realized, four weeks had passed and it was time to travel back to Frederick to remove the cast. It was a joyous day! Now, little Avery is as happy as can be and the Prince and Princess and their little dears lived happily ever after!!! (I think I may have watched a little too much Royal Wedding coverage. But it is much more fun to tell the story this way!)
First full day with the cast - it's going to be a long four weeks!
The halfway point! Doing much better!
Two days before the removal - even learned how to scoot around with it!


Nate and Lori said...

You are a wonderful mother and this could happen to anyone. Nate had a broken leg when he was a tiny baby too...his mom kept the cast and its the cutest little thing. Now Avery has a great little story to tell.

I loved your story.

Matt & April Herman said...

Love this post! You are so creative and funny! Avery is so adorable! I can't wait to kiss her little cheeks! You are a great mom, and I want to find those people who gave you dirty looks and punch them in the face:)