Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seminary Trek

My mom is the stake seminary supervisor for the Frederick Stake. Every year, she has to put on a big event to let the students apply what they have been learning all year long. This year, she put together a mini pioneer trek and asked my family to be involved. It was such an amazing experience and I was so glad that we did it. Our story was that we were a pioneer family headed west to meet up with the mormons because we had come across a Book of Mormon and believed what we read and wanted to be baptized. During our travels, my husband and I got bit by poisonous snakes and were going to die. As the students were traveling the trail, they would walk by us and we would have to ask them if they would save our children. It was really hard to talk about dying and giving up our kids all day long but it sure made Nick and I realize how important our jobs as parents are and how much we love our kids. If the passerbys said they would save our children, then we had to talk to them about our kids and what we wanted for their future. Several times Nick and I were both in tears even and though we knew it wasn't real, it felt very real at times. It was a bitter cold day. It had rained the two days previous and so the ground was muddy. I was having to nurse Avery outside, certainly not an ideal situation. I think the very things that made us want to cancel our participation were the very things that made such an impact on us. The pioneers didn't get to choose the weather or anything that was ideal really. It made us so grateful for our forefathers and for the gospel that they fought for! It was very moving and, again, I am so grateful that my mom asked us to participate!

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Starley Family said...

I love trek! We went this year too! Small world. I just finished your mom's latest, Oh say can you see. She's amazing! It was fun to recognize things from Baltimore and feel you and Nick personified in different ways throughout the book. Miss you terribly! Stace